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    Bottom 1: Spout bottom

    Publisher : Telink Industrial

                      Unloading via pneumatic or gravity
    Made for 20กฏ, 30' and 40' containers.
    For 20' liner: 590 x 235 x 240 cm.
    PP woven, 100% virgin, food grade, laminated inside,All material is UV stabilization treated
    Tie tapes around the liner bags 
    Zipper opening, or One top filling spout and one vent spout
     22-25 tons
    Loading through conveyor belt, or pneumatic loading system.
    Simply tilting the container and cutting the liner or connecting the discharge spout to unload the container.
    Retention of bulkhead:
    This liner shall be used in connection with 5 steel bars mounted in fixation straps at the container door opening (bulkhead).
    Suitable for: rice, soybean, wheat, malt, coffee beans, cacao beans, food stuff for animals, minerals, PP / PE / PVC / PET / PBT resins, flour, soda ash, chemicals and so on.

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