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    Bulk bag

    Publisher : Telink Industrial

    Bulk Bags or Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs), Jumbo bags, Super sacks, Ton sacks are an economical and efficient way to package, store and handle products. Every bulkbag has four loop handles on each end for easy handling, filling and dispensing. Dependent on size, each BulkBag can hold approximately 2000-3500 pounds of material.


    Duffle-Top or Open-Top Bulkbag


    Spout-Top Bulkbag

    1. Can be used for a large variety of applications such as: refractory products, quarry materials, sod, plastic extrusion etc.
    2. Full open top that is tied after filling
    3. From small sizes (25x25x29) to large sizes (36x36x64)
    1. Designed with a variety of spout sizes, it is used in applications where the manufacturers fill each bag through a funnel type system
    2. The products that this bulkbag is usually used for are powdery substances: line, talk and diatomaceous earth.
    3. Sizes from 34 tall to 36x36x54


    Plain-Bottom Bulkbag


    Spout-Bottom Bulkbag

    1. Used for applications that do not require a content emptying mechanism
    2. Fully stitched bottom
    1. Used for applications which require a bottom content emptying mechanism 

    There are many common types of FIBCs available in the market place. The most commonly used bulk bags are constructed as either a U-panel or circular construction.We offer a varitey of constructions, such as:
    Four Panel

    FIBCs are also constructed based on their application. Whether it is being used for food grade, UN rated bags or multi-trip bags, the application is as important as the construction. Common FIBC applications are as follows:
    Food grade bags
    UN rated bags
    Multi-trip bags
    Chemical bags
    Conductive or static dissipative bags
    Valve bags or liquid bags

    Each bag has a specific fabric required due to their application. Some bags require antistatic qualities, others do not.
    Type A Fabric - No electrostatic protection.
    Type B Fabric - Surface breakdown of <6kV.
    Type C Fabric - Electrically conductive or groundable.

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