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    Publisher : Telink Industrial


    The disposable flexitanks make it possible to provide a favourable solution at the lowest cost and the highest possible payload.

    It¡¯s the new tendency of the liquid bulk transportation !


    • Available in sizes from 16,000 to 25,000 litre.
    • Can be Top Loading/ Discharge, Bottom Loading/Discharge or Top Loading & Bottom Discharge.
    • Capable of carrying all kinds of non-hazardous liquid goods.
    • 100% Food Grade contact materials.
    • Flexitanks are manufactured in our ISO9001 / ISO22000 quality assured plants with strict raw material testing, QA procedures and controls.
    • Flexitanks are manufactured and tested in accordance with PAS1008:2016.
    • Steam heating pad is available for east crystallization cargos.


    • Food grade high tensile co-extruded LLDPE film offering excellent moisture (WVTR) properties which have been specifically formulated for use with Flexitanks.
    • High Strength Woven Polypropylene fabric outer layer.
    • Polypropylene 3¡± Filling/Discharge Valve. Other sizes available.
    • Optional EVOH barrier for products susceptible to Oxygen and odour Transmission.


    • Made from seamless PE films and tubular PP wvoen provides extra safety of the flexitank.
    • Automatic Pressure Release Valve (PRV) available.
    • 100% of all Flexitank and valves are pressure tested.
    • All materials are fully recyclable.
    • Flexible and easy to installation,loading and discharging.
    • Various kinds of metal bars and bulkheads system.
    • Loaidng temperature from -20¡æ to 70¡æ.
    Application Products:

    Industrial Oil and Chemicals:

    AlkalytesBase Oil£¬Bitumen Pitch£¬Bio Diesel£¬Cleanser£¬Colloidal Solutions£¬Concentrates£¬Castor Oil£¬Crude Oil£¬Cashew Nut Shell Oil£¬Detergents£¬Disinfectants£¬Dispeersions£¬Drilling Mud Oils£¬DOP£¬Emusions£¬Engine Oils£¬Fertilizers£¬Glycerines£¬Glycol£¬Grease£¬Hydraulic Fluid£¬Industrial Oil£¬Lubricants (Lube Oil)£¬Marine Oils£¬Mineral Oils£¬Natrual Latex£¬Plasticizers£¬Polyols£¬Printing Inks£¬Process Oils£¬Paraffin£¬Refined Oil£¬Salt Solutions£¬Silicate Solutions£¬Surfactants£¬Synthetic Latex£¬Synthetic Resins£¬Surfactant£¬Fatty Acid£¬Furnace Oil£¬Technical Oils£¬Transformer Oils£¬Transmission£¬Fluid£¬Used Cooking Oil (UCO)£¬White Oils£¬Waste Oil

    Food Stuffs:

    Additives£¬Bulk Wines & Alcohol£¬Benetages£¬Cooking Oil£¬Corn Oil£¬Coconut Oil£¬Edible Oils£¬Food Additives£¬Fruit Juces & Concentrates£¬Fat£¬Food Additives£¬Fish Oil£¬Glucose£¬Malt Extract£¬Olive Oil£¬Palm Oil£¬Peanut Oil£¬Rice Bran Oil£¬Sorbitols£¬Sauces£¬Syrup£¬Soybean Oil£¬Sunflower Seed Oil£¬Tallow£¬Vegetable Oils£¬Vineger£¬Water

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