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    Container liner bag is a highly cost-effective and time-saving alternative to 1 ton bags and small PP woven bags. It protects goods from contamination, and is widely used for most dry bulk products 

Foodstuff Non foodstuff
Sugar Fertilizer
Starch Peat
Grain  PVC,PP,PE,PTA,PET, PBT resin
Rice Pigment
Soybeans Ore
Corn Wood pellet
Malt Mineral
Seed Soda 
Flour Chemical
Feed Fly ash
Fish meal Sand
Coffee beans ABS resin
Cacao beans Alumina Powder
Barley Carbon Black
Wheat Glass Beads
Foodstuff for animials Hides

Advantages compared with other bags:

1. Saving much on packing costs

2. Protect goods from contamination

3. Higher loading percentage

4. Minimized packing waste

5. Easy to install - about 15 minutes

6. Time and labor saving due to efficient loading and discharge

7. Simple design and easy to use

8. Customized service