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Dry bulk container liner is used for the bulk transportation of non-hazardous free-flowing powders, granules, foodstuffs, pellet or flaked products with 20ft or 40ft ISO containers. It can be loaded from the door end using conveyor and other ways. Designed for loading or discharge with one or both doors open. DooFlexi dry bulk liners bags are manufactured under control of ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 quality management system with strict raw material testing, QA procedures, and controls.

Features and Advantages:

  • Low Cost and High Efficiency  Fast and easy to install. Lower loading/unloading time and labors cost. Higher loading capacity to reduce packaging cost.

  • Best Sealing and Eliminate Pollution  Food grade high tensile co-extruded LLDPE film offering excellent sealing properties, preventing air, moisture and peculiar smell.

  • High Tensile Lining Film  It has good physical and mechanical properties, ultra-high friction resistance, fatigue resistance, and folding resistance. Its impact strength and puncture resistance are very strong.

  • Strict Quality Management  All welding seams are 100% inspected and tested before delivery.

  • Customized Design Available  Any number loading/discharge spouts can be fitted to meet the customers requirements in any shape or size.

  • 100% recyclable, minimize the environmental impact.

  • Application:

    • Non-hazardous Free Flow Cargo

      Beans, coffee bean, barley, wheat, corn cocoa powder, flour, milk powder, peanut, hyacinth bean, nut, pea, rice, salt, seed, starch, sugar, tea, fertilizer

    • Granules or Powder

      PTA, zinc powder, polyethylene granules, nylon polymer, ABS resin, polycarbonate granules, aluminum powder, fertilizer, glass bead, polyester granules, PVC granules, soda powder, detergent, porcelain clay, TiO2 powder etc.

    • Company: Telink Industrial Co.,Ltd

      Address: Sanhekou Industrial Park, 213115,Changzhou city, Jiangsu province, China

      Tel: +86 177 153 39513

      Email: telink668@gmail.com

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