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Common Uses, Types of Container Liners and Advantages

Shipping certain materials can sometimes be inefficient. Using container liners can help make shipping these materials much easier, saving you time and money. Container liners are perfectly suited for shipping minerals, powders, seeds, food and chemicals. Ours are made from polypropylene (PP).

Using PP and PE container liners has several advantages. They¡¯re a very cost-efficient tool to use that will help prevent cross-contamination. If you aren¡¯t using container liners, you must be cleaning out the inside of the container between each transport or using one container for only one type of material. If you¡¯re transporting a chemical powder in one trip and then a food item on the next, you can¡¯t risk the food getting contaminated. Using polypropylene or polyethylene container liners will prevent these problems.

Container liners are easy to install and can be reused. If you ship the same material often, you can label the liners for the type of materials that they hold. When you¡¯re not using the container liners, you¡¯ll find that they¡¯re lightweight and can be folded up to be stored almost anywhere.

Container liners also eliminate packaging waste that¡¯s unavoidable in other packing methods. Without using container liners, you would have to package the goods into smaller containers to keep them from spilling and make sure they stay safe. With a container liner, you can skip that step by packing the goods directly into the container.

Polypropylene Container Liners

Telink offers premium polypropylene container liners. We design our shipping container liners from these materials because they allow for the smooth conversion of any ISO package into an effective bulk transport process. We want to make sure you implement a shipping system that guarantees success. With our liners, your fine, dry goods such as food products, granules and powders will get to where they need to go in good shape.

As you¡¯re deciding whether to choose a polypropylene or polyethylene container liner, it¡¯s important to consider the strengths and purposes of each material.

Polypropylene (PP) Container Liner Suppliers You Can Trust

We line our polypropylene packaging with a reliable coating that allows for unmatched weathering and UV resistance. These liners can last a number of years, so they¡¯re well worth the investment.

Polypropylene is known as one of the longest lasting and strongest geomembrane liners available on the market. Its impermeability and through-the-floor chemical resistance render it a favorable choice for high-profile containment applications like municipal waste treatment.

Advantages of Bulk Container Liners

Our high-quality dry bulk container liners offer the following benefits:

  • Premier strength and durability.
  • Oxygen and moisture barriers.
  • Savings on packing costs
  • Additional protection to the product
  • Higher loading percentage
  • Lightweight liner (20 ft only 10 kg)
  • Minimized packing waste
  • Easy to install - about 15 minutes
  • Time and labor savings due to efficient loading and discharge
  • Custom made design

Specifications for Bulk Container Liners

Our shipping container liners provide an affordable, protective and valuable packaging alternative ¡ª they will transport your products in a safe, dry and contaminant-free package. We also offer custom, bulk container liner designs for specific applications. They include the following:

  1. Gravimetric, loading directly from silos: If you are loading powders and granules direct from the silo, we can prepare your packaging design to aid in efficient and effective transport.
  2. Pneumatic, loading using the door end bulkhead: For loading materials like powders and resins, using a specific dry bulk container liner makes a big difference.
  3. Loading via the end bulkhead conveyor: We offer tailored container liners for goods including malt, cocoa, coffee and soybeans.
  4. Gravimetric and pneumatic, discharging by emptying spout or letterbox system: It¡¯s important to ensure your packaging specifications fit with this method of loading. Otherwise, the job may be more difficult than necessary.

Why Choose Telink as Your Shipping Container Liners Supplier

Telink offers a wide variety of container liner options that can help solve all of your shipping and storing issues. We hold ourselves to very high standards to give you only the best products for your business. All of our liners adhere to strict safety and quality standards, such as those set by BRC and HACCP.

We offer both standard and custom container liners to fit a typical shipping container size. If your business uses a more unique shipping method, we can help make custom liners to fit your shipping containers. Our container liners, like all of our products, are made from virgin materials, ensuring that your goods will never encounter a material they shouldn¡¯t be in contact with.

Along with our high-quality products, Telink has unparalleled customer service. We will work with your business until we¡¯ve helped you find the perfect solution to your shipping and storing needs.We¡¯re ready to help you any time you need our services.

Contact us right away to learn more about our bulk container liners and other products. You can also request a quote for an estimate.

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